Appellate Investigations

Our investigators can assist you with your wrongful conviction appeal.

As of June 24, 2019, there have been more than 350 exonerations just within the State of Texas since 1989; Texas remains the State with the most exonerations within the United States (The National Registry of Exonerations). Although there are many contributing factors pertaining to this statistic, it is no secret that utilizing the services of a SKILLED private investigations firm during an appeal can increase a client’s chances of exoneration tremendously. Our team of exceptionally trained investigators, mentored by (Retired) Federal Special Agent/Master Peace Officer James W. Bogers, provides appellate investigations that illuminate any procedural errors, tainted testimony, or new evidence that may have been overlooked during the client’s initial conviction process. Contact our firm today for more information regarding an appeal. Our team provides investigative services for both criminal and civil appeals.


  • Extensive record of trial review, including any/all exhibits introduced (probable cause affidavits, statements, testimony, etc.)
  • Reviewing police procedure and protocols to ensure that law enforcement authorities obtained all information legally and ethically during the course of the initial investigation (in accordance with the Fruits of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine). Thorough review of all police documents and notes to locate potential witnesses/leads that law enforcement failed to/has not yet interviewed.
  • Creation of a “timeline” through link analysis and flowcharting to review the accuracy and consistency amongst various testimony, initial reports, and evidence collected during initial trial process.
  • Collecting sworn affidavits/statements from persons of interest (previous witnesses, new witnesses/leads/individuals not called to testify that could potentially possess exculpatory evidence).
  • Constant and transparent coordination with client and counsel throughout the course of an investigation.
  • Extensive and comprehensive investigative reports provided to client and counselor regarding exculpatory evidence, investigative activity and protocol, and new evidence collection.
  • Courtroom testimony provided as needed. Our team can provide personal statements and affidavits of fact pertaining to any investigative activity or findings during the appeals process.

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