Background Investigations --- Hidden Asset Searches

Our firm utilizes some of the same databases that law enforcement agencies depend on.

Whether the subject of your inquiry is a potential employee, nanny, caregiver, business partner, or romantic interest, MJB GROUP, LLC, will provide you a background check with names used, date of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, work history, civil/criminal records, marriage search, number of children, social media networks, hidden assets, judgments, liens, associates, and due diligence search. Rather than blindly trusting in a person unknown to you, let MJB GROUP, LLC, provide you with information that will allow you to determine if the individual is being truthful. 

It's better to find the truth about someone sooner rather than later. Save yourself the pain of becoming physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially affected by someone who does not have your best interests at heart; background investigations are your ally!

Every situation is different and we will customize your investigation and invoicing to meet your diverse needs. We offer basic background searches. We also offer in-depth hidden asset searches. Fees will be based on requested services. To initiate a background search, please contact us.