Criminal Defense Investigator


Are you being accused of something you did not do?

MJB GROUP LLC in Dallas has a team of criminal defense investigators specializing in criminal defense and post-conviction investigations, including case review, new evidence, private criminal investigations, crime scene reconstruction, civil rights violations and police procedure and accountability. We put that same experience to work on civil investigations. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts, interview witnesses, collect evidence, and provide evidence that will stand up in court. Need a criminal defense investigator in Dallas? Our private investigators are ready to help you with the following services and more:

Workers Compensation Investigations

Theft Investigations

Stalking Investigations

Cold Case Investigations

Employee Theft Investigations

Corporate Partnership Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Personal Injury Investigations

Forensics CELL PHONE Data Extractions   

Infidelity, Cheating

Child Custody - Drug abuse

Falsely accused investigations


Electronic Surveillance - Tracking - Monitoring - GPS LIVE TRACKER