Digital Forensic Examiner (Cell Phone and Computer Extractions)

It is important to resist the urge to do anything on your own before bringing your computer or cell phone to us. MJB GROUP LLC’s digital forensic examiner team is able to gather the evidence in a way that is presentable in court. In this way, we can demonstrate that the evidence has not been tampered with. Even the simple act of turning on a computer or phone can destroy, possibly, hundreds of vital pieces of data. To ensure the best chance of a successful computer and cell phone forensic investigation, leave your computer or phone in its current state – if it is powered on, leave it on; if it is powered off, leave it off – and call us immediately!


A cheating spouse, missing child or dishonest employee may not give you the information you need – but chances are their computer, phone or portable device will. 

Having access to a person’s computer or digital device is like having a giant filing cabinet full of information about them. Nearly every action performed leaves pieces of information, called “artifacts”, behind. Many of these artifacts cannot be viewed or erased by a normal user. The job of a digital forensics investigator and cell phone extraction detective is to uncover the pieces, compile them into a readable form and present them to the client. 

Investigation of computer activity and mobile phone forensics provide a window through which you can view the communications, motives or intentions of a spouse, child or employee. Armed with a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques, our computer forensic investigator specialist and cell phone spy team can uncover misuses of virtually any computer or device— even in cases where the suspect believes that they have covered their tracks and deleted any potentially incriminating evidence. 


If you suspect someone is reading your emails and personal digital documents or even watching what websites you visit and gaining access to your confidential information, our forensics experts can detect even the most sophisticated spyware on your computer and help you regain your privacy. 

If you suspect your system has been hacked, we can remotely monitor user activity on your computer to determine what is happening when you’re not there. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note there are legality issues involved when performing forensics on both computers and cell phones. You need to discuss with an MJB GROUP LLC Investigator as to when it is legal for us to perform this type of work.  NOTE: MJB GROUP LLC operates under the authority of the law and will NOT perform ANY illegal operations during the course of an investigation. 



If you think someone has compromised your privacy, take proper precautions and call us from a secure phone. We have trained, experienced, technicians with top of the line equipment to detect the most sophisticated listening and recording devices.