Insurance Fraud Investigator


Insurance Defense Investigations that you can count on.

Our team of Insurance Fraud Investigators know what to look for when investigating someone fraudulently claiming to have an injury. We use our years of private investigation experience, equipment, and skills to make sure the subject does not get away with fraudulent claims. Our team of field investigators have a proven track record of capturing quality video and providing what our clients need to protect themselves against fraudulent insurance claims and resulting lawsuits.

If you need an insurance fraud investigator in Dallas or surrounding areas, don't hesitate to give us a call. We provide quick, reliable, and professional service beyond what most private investigators are willing or able to deliver. You will work with a lead investigator who will manage your investigation from start to finish, ensuring seamless and consistent delivery of a professional work product. We will work with you to address special requests and process requirements. Call us for your investigation needs, we will take care of the rest.


  • Civil Process Service and Skip Tracing for any defendants that are difficult to locate. Our team of background investigators work in close proximity to our Insurance Defense team throughout a case to ensure that information provided is up-to-date and accurate. No client wants to waste countless hours and expense surveilling a location that is no longer the claimant’s usual place of abode/place of employment.
  • Surveillance Operations that are superior to most private investigation firms. Our field investigators utilize discreet tactics and high-performance equipment during the course of an investigation to ensure that a client receives a professional work product that will hold up as admissible evidence in Court.
  • Discovery Review to locate new leads or possible incidents/information that might yield exculpatory evidence demonstrating fraudulent claims. Our company frequently works alongside law firms to provide increased efficiency and better value. Multiple sets of eyes on evidence rather than just one provides a client with both investigators as well as an attorney reviewing their casework (together), there is a significantly higher chance in finding exculpatory evidence that could break the case wide open for the client.
  • Investigative Reports that are formatted to include exculpatory evidence and a comprehensive “timeline” of all investigative activity performed (including exhibits and media excerpts). Our investigative report template was designed by company founder James W. Bogers, a Retired Federal Special Agent who frequently produced these same types of case reports for the Department of Justice and Federal Court proceedings.
  • Constant and Transparent Communication with our client and attorney is mandatory. Our team leader will keep clients updated with new developments, scheduling, and findings throughout the course of an investigation. After an investigative plan is tailored to the specific needs of a client, any changes or additional services recommended must be approved by the client first. We operate as a FULLY TRANSPARENT private investigations firm. In contrast to other firms in the marketplace, our team will not conduct or invoice additional services/fees without the client’s knowledge and approval. Our firm will always provide a standard contract for services that outlines services, fees, and a preliminary investigative plan for our clients.