Insurance Tracing

Insurance Tracing and Research for Attorneys

MJB Group, LLC and its team of affiliates work with law firms across the nation to provide investigative research that traces a defendant's insurance policy information. When a client requests an insurance trace for a particular individual/entity, our team attempts to locate the following: 

  • Whether the subject has a policy that exists or has existed
  • The coverage limits of a particular policy that has been located
  • The policy number (if a policy exists)

Many attorneys are not even aware of this special type of investigation that exists within the legal community. Our team of investigators have drafted a summary below that highlights the importance and benefits of this type of investigative research: 

Insurance tracing is a service that is primarily intended for use PRIOR TO THE FILING OF A LAWSUIT. Many attorneys will claim that they can simply subpoena a defendant's policy information through the carrier after a lawsuit has already been filed. However, this process usually takes a significant amount of time and resources to even receive the requested information. Why wait for this information if you can have access to it prior to even filing a lawsuit? 

Our team can conduct these searches prior to the initial filing of any lawsuit so that attorneys can have a "screenshot" of the defendant's policy information, including the existence and status of a policy, policy numbers, and coverage limits. 



MJB Group, LLC and its affiliates/agents utilize reasonable care to obtain accurate and updated information from sources considered reliable. Although information collected and provided to client is believed to be accurate and updated, MJB Group, LLC and its affiliates/agents make no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied, that the information provided is correct, since the information and reports have been collected from supplementary (third-party) sources. The information provided by MJB Group, LLC and its affiliates/agents are to be used for preliminary research purposes only rather than a final decision pertaining to any legal matter. By agreeing to utilize the services of MJB Group, LLC and its affiliates/agents, CLIENT understands that a decision to proceed with any legal matter should not be based solely upon the information provided by MJB Group, LLC and its affiliates/agents. The CLIENT also understands that he/she should use reasonable care to conduct additional research through other sources of information that are available prior to making any final decision, especially involving legal action. CLIENT AGREES, to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, that MJB Group, LLC nor any of its partners, affiliates, agents, employees, or contractors will be liable to CLIENT and/or any other person or entity for general, special, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, damages resulting from reliance, goodwill, malpractice, or profits, whether or not MJB Group, LLC has been advised of the possibility, or under any legal or equitable theory of liability, including theories of tort, contract, or otherwise arising out of the use of MJB Group, LLC’s information and services. CLIENT AGREES to indemnify and hold MJB Group, LLC harmless from and against all claims (including legal and attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating to (A) CLIENT’s breach of any terms of this agreement, (B) CLIENT’s improper use of MJB Group, LLC’s services to violate the laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction, and (c) claims resulting from CLIENT’s inaccurate information as well as any action taken from results based on such information. THIS AGREEMENT shall be governed by the laws of the STATE OF TEXAS without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Should a dispute arise, CLIENT and MJB Group, LLC agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within Dallas County, Texas. CLIENT AGREES to utilize MJB Group, LLC’s services only for lawful purposes in all applicable jurisdictions. CLIENT agrees that, to the best of CLIENT’s ability, CLIENT will (A) request all information required at the time the initial request is submitted, and (B) provide accurate, current, and complete information about the individual(s) or entities to be searched. CLIENT acknowledges that, if any information provided to MJB Group, LLC is inaccurate at any point in time, or is otherwise incomplete or not up to date, CLIENT agrees that MJB Group, LLC will not in any way be held legally responsible for inaccurate reports or information provided to CLIENT. 


Insurance Trace Request

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