Personal Injury Investigations


Accidents happen, but who is at fault during a personal injury case?

Hiring a private investigations firm for a personal injury case could prove to be a pivotal decision that results in a favorable outcome for the client. Some of the benefits of utilizing a private investigations firm during a personal injury case include:

  • Ability to reduce the cost and time incurred by the legal team for tasks that could be instead completed by an investigative team (collecting interviews, reviewing/documenting the location of the accident, locating potential witnesses, etc.).
  • Expert knowledge regarding police procedure and protocols, as well as ability to review discovery that specifically pertains to probable cause affidavits, statements, and incident reports produced by law enforcement.
  • Knowledge and privileged access to resources that can assist the legal team with litigation and evidence collection, ranging from background databases and other third-party affiliations that only private investigators can obtain information from.

Some of the services that our team provides for personal injury attorneys/clients include:

  • Diligent civil process service
  • Discovery review/Court document retrieval
  • Crime scene reconstruction (expert witness)
  • Interviews and statements collected (New evidence collection)
  • Wrongful death investigations
  • Digital forensic examinations (computer/phone) --- Used frequently during wrongful death investigations
  • Expert witness testimony (certified forensic analyst)
  • Criminal/Civil RICO investigations
  • Theft investigations (including identity theft)
  • Security threat assessments/vulnerability studies
  • TSCM (counter-surveillance) bug sweeps for individuals, private entities, or corporations