Process Server in Dallas and Surrounding Areas

Process Server in Dallas that offers the following services throughout Texas:

Process Service
Need a Process Server in Dallas or a surrounding area? Look no further! MJB GROUP LLC offers highly reliable service of civil process that is reflected by our exceptional team of process servers. We offer local, statewide, and national service as needed. Our professional team excels in ensuring that you, as a client, will receive timely service and updates regarding open jobs. Many of today's agencies have rather slow turnaround rates, and tend to put those problem cases at the back of their paper stack; this, however, is not how MJB GROUP LLC works. We offer the three following options regarding service of process: 

Routine Service:
First service attempt will occur within three days, with the required number of additional attempts made within two weeks (unless special conditions apply).

Rush Service:
First service attempt will occur within twenty-four hours, with the required number of additional attempts made within ten days (unless special conditions apply).

Priority Service:

When you need time sensitive service of process, we offer same-day priority service with the first service attempt made within eight hours, and the required number of additional attempts made in the time frame per the client.

Courthouse Pickup

We can pick your service documents up from the courthouse as needed. We also offer document pickup in many surrounding county courthouses; please call or email for more information. 

Notary Services

We offer both in-house and mobile notary services throughout our local service areas along with surrounding areas, depending on the location. 

E-Filing Services

We are available to electronically file your returns for you if needed upon completion of the job. 

Record Retrieval Services
We offer research and record retrieval services to our clients. Whether your job includes retrieving medical records, conducting research to develop a timeline, or a simple public records retrieval, MJB GROUP LLC can handle most requests. (Fees based on job type, location, and time). 

Skip Tracing, Stakeout, Surveillance
Sometimes, individuals seem to "slip off the radar" and provide difficulties during service due to address changes, name variance, or evasion. We offer an exceptional Skip Tracing service to find those individuals that are hard to find. If our skip trace doesn't yield any successful new leads or results, we will never charge full price. We also offer sitting time and surveillance services as needed.  

MJB GROUP LLC offers professional and reliable legal support services that will stand out from other average companies that you have been using in the past. We are committed to providing high-quality civil process across the state of Texas, as well as nationwide if necessary. When you assign a job to MJB GROUP LLC, you will quickly see the higher value of work that our company provides. Whether you are working alone or working alongside a larger firm, our Certified Process Servers and Intake Specialists are prepared to handle your next job, and will make sure that you receive the next level of superior legal support that our company promises. 

Our company utilizes state-of-the-art Case Management software so that our clients receive timely notifications about job progress. This software and streamlined method of communication provides a superior level of efficiency that rivals most companies. 

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