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Private Investigator Certification Course Training   

48 HRS          $350.00

This private investigator training provides a thorough overview of private investigations in Texas, classroom presentation, and hands-on training to those interested in the field of private investigations.

Course Elements: *historical overview of private security; *Texas Civil and Criminal Laws as they apply to the private security industry; *Report Writing for the Private Investigator Professional; *criminal and civil investigation techniques; *cold case investigations; *in class and hands on study into surveillance procedures and methodology; *crime scene investigations; *covert operations; *skip tracing; *Understanding and Completing Background Investigations; *Types of cases and how to conduct a proper investigation; *in class and hands on Interview & Interrogation Procedures; *Study of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication; *Stance and Relative Position; *Anti-terrorism overview; *Business Crime Prevention Inspections and Surveys; *and the use & introduction to Covert Electronic Equipment.  

Level II: Unarmed Security Guard Training Course

10 HRS          $100.00

Exceeds Texas PSB training hour requirements
This course is for individuals wanting to get into private security. The course provides, at a minimum, state required curriculum for non-commissioned private security officer licensing.

Course Elements: Texas PSB (rules and occupation code); role of the security officer; police role; ethics; conduct; conflict resolution; use of force; self defense; PC Sec 9; arrest; radio-protocol; observe and report; exigent responses; PC Ch 46 - Weapons Defined. Course Includes: Manual; handouts; power point; role play scenario situations; State certificate and Diploma.

Level III: Commissioned Security Officer Course    

32 HRS          $200.00
*The applicant will be responsible for completing the remaining 8 plus hours of weapons qualifications from a PSB CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR.
Course Elements: Authority to arrest; use of force law; felonies; breach of peace; theft deterrence; surety; issues regarding concealed handgun license; field notes and report writing; crime scene protection; awareness skills; verbal and nonverbal communication skills; use of deadly force; conflict resolution; observe-orient-decide-act; firearms familiarization and weapons qualification. Course Includes: Manual; handouts; power point; role play scenario situations; State certificate and Diploma.

Level IV: (Bodyguard) (Not currently available)
Personal Protection Officer  

16 HRS           $250.00 

This is a 16 hour Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau (PSB) Level IV Personal Protection Officer (PPO) course. It satisfies State of Texas training requirements to work as a licensed Personal Protection Officer. Note: We do not administer the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Test which is required for submission of a PPO license.   The instructor in this course is a retired federal agent with extensive close in VIP protection!

Continuing Education Course(s)     
Most courses cover 8 hours of training.
However, please call 972-798-7374 for additional course description(s). 


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