Insurance Fraud Investigator


Full complete report provided with time/date stamped photographs, videos and other digital devices.

Our private eyes trained as Insurance Fraud Investigators know what to look for when investigating someone fraudulently claiming to have an injury. We use our years of private investigation experience, equipment, and skills to make sure they do not get away it. We have a proven track record of capturing quality video and providing what our clients need to protect themselves against fraudulent insurance claims and law suits.

If you need an insurance fraud investigator in Dallas or surrounding areas, don't hesitate to give us a call. We provide quick, reliable, and professional service beyond what most private investigators are willing or able to deliver. Our discreet private investigators will collect video evidence of insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud that will stand up in court. You will work with one private investigator who will manage your investigation from start to finish, ensuring seamless and consistent delivery of a professional investigation report products. We will work with you to address special requests and process requirements. Call us for your investigation needs, we will take care of the rest.